How To Remove Prisma Logo Watermark From Pictures?

Remove Prisma Logo Watermark: Prisma and Pokemon Go are the most popular app on both Android and iOS right now. These two apps are buzzing all over the world.

Prisma is a photo filter app which converts your photos into awesome artwork. It has several filters to give your photo an amazing artistic look.

Prisma isn’t similar to other typical photo editing apps. It doesn’t include the same kind of filters for your pictures. But it’s unique and stylish in its own way.

prisma photo before and after removing watermark

It doesn’t edit your captured photos in the app; it runs on the server instead. So, you can apply filters, and the server will keep all the changes. It’s where everything happens.

But Prisma adds a watermark by default to all pictures after adding filters. You don’t need to pay anything to remove the logo at present.

It’s such a noble decision from the company. Let’s find out a little bit about Prisma app and how to disable Prisma watermark on the pictures?

How to save pictures, artwork in Prisma application?

  • At first, Go and download it from the official store.

              Android | Google Play store and iOS | iTunes

  • Capture a photo and apply a suitable filter
  • Hit the download icon to save your picture
  • You will see a message “Artwork saved in Prisma folder”
  • Go to your mobile’s gallery menu and it will be there.
  • You can opt to save pictures automatically by turning on “save artworks automatically” feature in the settings.

How to use Prima app without any trouble?

Did you download the Prisma app? Tap to open PRISMA.

  • You will notice camera on your homepage screen. You can toggle camera flash on and off and switch camera in the settings option.
  • Select a picture from the library at the bottom right corner. You will discover three options after clicking on the gear icon (settings) – to ‘ Save Original Photos ‘, ‘ Save Artworks Automatically ‘ and ‘ Enable Watermarks’.
  • You can crop to adjust your photo correctly. Also, you can rotate if you require.  Now, it’s time for the main course. You will acquire around 30 filters to turn a photo into art.
  • Prisma included a particular style or artist such as Edvard Munch, Pablo Picasso, Francis Picabia, Van Gogh and Isaac Levitan for every filter.
  • It is going to scan your picture and apply filters after that. You can swipe left to right to attain better results.
  • Did you able to pick a proper filter? If yes then you are ready to share wit with your friends on social media like Facebook, Twiter, and Instagram.

Also, you can use messaging apps like Whatsapp or SnapChat.  E-mail isn’t so awful too. Prisma refers to the great artists and their magnificent work. 

How to disable Prisma watermark on pictures? How To Remove The Prisma Logo Watermark From Photos?

If you don’t intend to show others that you’re using Prisma app to edit your photo then, you should disable it manually in the settings. It’s just a matter of two clicks after all.

Go to settings>> Click on “Add watermark” to turn it off.

prisma photo before and after removing watermark

Final Thoughts

You don’t need to pay anything to remove Prisma logo from the pictures. I’ve told you How to remove watermark on Pictures? Let me know if you have any question regarding Prisma app in the comments.



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