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Prisma For Android: Prisma for android app is a boon in disguise for all those who are not satisfied with the art work filters of the existing apps. Prisma for android is an android app that lets you convert your beautiful pictures into art works that look even more beautiful than ever before!

No matter how much were you addicted to the apps that once controlled the market and ruled the world earlier but prisma has the capacity to control your chromosomes, brain and heart in such a way that you will find all those apps boring. Prisma is the new cool for photo enhancing apps lovers. The adrenaline of this generation is at its peak and prisma is the reason behind it.Heavenly divine features of prisma for android that will take your breath away.

download prisma app for android - prisma apk for android download

Here are the features of prisma for android that will make you fall in love with this wonderful app:

  • It uses artificial intelligence and neural networks to transform your pictures into inexorably eye pleasing art works
  • Free of cost that means you need not pay a single rupee to use this app
  • Availability of a wide array of filters
  • It just not simply applies filters but it scans the data and then applies the filters to it which brings out an unmatchable flair and finesse in the final product
  • Anticipated future growth
  • Works with both real time captured pics and also allows you to choose from the pics clicked earlier

How To Get Prisma For Android | How To Get Prisma For Android Normally Without Apk:

Here are the steps to download and install prisma for android. You may refer with apk or without apk section as per your wishes.

  1. Open your device and go to play store
  1. Type prisma into the search bar in order to find prisma for android
  2. Tap on the install button and then accept in order to download and install prisma for android
  1. Look at the status bar. You will be notified over there as soon as your device is done with installing prisma app in your phones.
  1. Once it gets installed, you can navigate back to the main home screen of your device and tap on the icon of the prisma app in order to launch it. Then you can take fun and pleasure in using prisma for android

How To Get Prisma For Android With Prisma Apk | Download Prisma For Android:

  1. Open your android device and open your browser
  1. Look for the prisma apk and download it. You can download unofficial Prisma app from this link.
  1. You will get notified in the status bar as soon as the apk gets downloaded
  1. Once you will download it you will get a popup saying install blocked. Tap on the settings button

installation blocked when installing prima from unknown sources - prisma for android download


  1. You will redirect to the security menu
  1. Turn on the unknown sources option by tapping on it

mark the unknown sources to install apps like prisma for android from unknown sources


  1. You will be prompted with a message again. Tap on Ok button again in order to give your consent and confirmation for this action.
  1. Then tap on the back button you will get to see something like shown below. Tap on the install button to install the app

click on install to downlod prisma for androdi download and install prisma apk

  1. You will be able to see while the app is getting installed

prisma for android installed successfully with unofficia prisma apk


  1. Once it gets installed, tap on the open button in order to launch the application. That is it! Now you can use this prisma for android app the way you want to.

With this I would like to conclude this article about prisma for android. I  hope the steps were convoluted and clear enough to direct you well. All you need to do is to follow these steps and create your own pretty artworks.

Prisma App


  1. Hey… Can you send me a link of prisms apk. Because I haven’t find original app.

    • U can find prisma apk file from Jktricks.com , u need to download apk file then u can install n enjoy prisma experience.

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