Artisto App Will Turn Your Video Like An Art Like Prisma Photo App | Download Artisto Apk For Android/iOS/iPhone/PC

Artisto App: Today I am going to tell you about Artisto app. It is an alternative of Prisma app. You should have heard about this photo filter app because it became very popular just like Pokemon GO right after the release.

Prisma didn’t introduce video filter features yet. You should try Artisto if you want to edit your videos into different art*. Without further ado let’s find out more info about this wonderful free app. Let’s start.

What is Artisto?

Artisto is a free video editor app along with art filters and photo effects. It’s similar to Prisma; it depends on the built-in system/network to convert your photos and videos into arts by following styles of Van Gough and Picasso.

at first you can check how artisto will convert your video then you can transform your video into a awesome art

Artisto is compatible with 10 seconds videos at present. You can insert filters multiple times in the long videos. It offers a limited number of filters and UI. You need to wait for a while adding effects, and it crashes few times like Prisma. It’s totally free and available on iOS and Android. You can download it by visiting its official website.

Download Artisto APK For Android And iOS: Features At A Glance

Artisto is a free app which is available on Android and iOS. Go to the below link to access its official site and download it on your device.

Artisto: https://artisto.my.com/

How To Use Artisto To Make Videos Artistic:

Artisto is an excellent app to convert your videos into different arts for free. It opens your phone’s camera automatically so that you can capture videos and add filters. You can select an existing video as well.

Capture A New Video and Apply Filters:

Artisto lets you shoot a video for 10 seconds maximum. It has time limit to avoid time. Also, servers may not work properly if several users upload large videos and add effects simultaneously. It gives your limited time to ensure that it’s working fine for all of us.

download articlsto app to convert video into a cool art video

You will proceed to the next step after capturing your video. You will see numerous filters, choose one of filters and apply on your video from here. It’s going to take some time for processing. That’s all. You’ve done it. Now, watch your edited video and share it on various social media. You can revert back and add another filter again if you want to change your current filter.

Apply A Filter On An Existing Video | Convert Your Videos Into Awesome Art Video:

You can apply filters on existing videos also. Artist lets you add filters on previously recorded camera shots. You can cut your videos short if your videos are longer than 10 seconds with this app. Cool.

You can insert your preferred filters to convert your video into an amazing art. Just wait for few moments for processing. You can share it on social media platforms now.

How are you going to add filters on an existing video? It’s same as captured videos. Click on the bottom left icon and choose/capture a particular a video to add effects. As you know that you need to shrink if it’s over 10 seconds.

Save Your Videos:

Artisto saves every video by default. No need to bother about saving your videos furthermore. But it’s not same for the iOS users unfortunately. But there’s an easy way to solve this problem.

You will find ‘save’ option while sharing a video after applying effects in this app. Click on it to save your videos each time. Yep. That’s all.

Final Thoughts ON Artisto Video Art Filter App:

I have told you everything you need to know about Artisto app. It has some wonderful filters which you will notice on after installing this app on your device.

Try it now and tell me about your experience with this app. It works same as Prisma but it has video filters. Don’t forget that it’s free of charge completely. Kindly share this information with your friends if you liked this information. Keep visiting for more interesting articles.

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