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Hello Prisma App lovers, Prisma App will turn your photos into awesome artworks. Because Of this great feature Prisma is getting huge popularity and downloads each day. As you all know Prisma App is officially launched for  iOS devices but not yet for Android and for PC. There is not official Prisma App for Android,Windows and Mac. So, here at https://www.prismaappapk.com/ we will help you to download Prisma App Successfully On Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows and Mac Laptops.


  1. Hey I tried to suggest a style on app but the app quitted automatically.
    Can you make a Gustav Klimt style filter?

  2. Two requests for the wishlist:

    – Allow Prisma to run on the PC in Windows without an Android emulator.

    – Allow Prisma to retain and save the image at the resolution of the original image (not restricted to a 1080×1080 square aspect image).

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